A practical, leadership programme that challenges leaders to lead in ways that work for today’s business environment. Leading their people and business to growth and sustainability.

Leading self, leading others, and leading business

Focusing on the personal development and career progression that Thrive nurtures, we proposed a podium (or staircase) mark. Alone, it acts as a simple visual motif for the brand – and when tiled, it becomes a progressive pattern that can be used creatively across communications.

Event booking and exclusive members only content

As the website neared the end of development, we captured photos and videos at Thrive events to help populate the site and provide a media library that Kate could pull from for social content and Keynote presentations. Photos and video focused on the people and communities fostered during the two year programme, and adopted a natural, warm colour palette with hints of the Thrive green throughout.

Much of the Thrive website was built on the back of content from Kate’s personal site, and it was important to communicate Kate’s story clearly on the homepage.

Thrive is leaving a lasting impact on DHD

Before we kicked off the branding and website projects with Thrive, David began the two year leadership programme. Since then Client Relationship Manager Steven has also joined the second cohort to complete the programme.

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