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A multi-award winning Holiday Home Business nestled at the foot of the Mourne Mountains.
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A family favourite for generations

Chestnutt Holiday Parks and DHD have had a long-standing relationship in which we have provided several deliverables over the years which range from Print Design, Social Media Content and Website Design. The services and amenities that Chestnutt’s provides to their customers are second to none, so our goal is always to best reflect the quality of what they have to offer.

Surveys and User Testing highlighted opportunities for web improvements

With growing expertise in User Experience, our Designers decided to re-evaluate Chesnutt’s website design. We examined Usability Heuristics, researched competitors, and carried out User Interviews and Testing with Chestnutt’s own customers. This allowed us to design a new website layout and user flow that helped the customer achieve their goals, whether that be browsing caravans for sale, booking a touring spot, or browsing events in the local area. Our aim was to maintain the brand identity of Chestnutt’s whilst simultaneously giving the website a fresher, more modern look and feel.

Taking an established business to the next level

The main goals that Chestnutt’s wanted to achieve with their new website included more users from countries outside the UK, and making sure people didn’t get confused and end up leaving the website before completing their desired task. The outcome we achieved included:

  • 4.17% increase in overall new users
  • 39.8% increase in new users in Ireland
  • 71.21% increase in new users in Spain
  • 288% increase in direct traffic to website

Capturing the essence of coastal holidays

Our photographers at DHD work regularly with Chestnutt’s to create visual content such as photography, reels and more that express the sense of adventure, freedom and family time that caravan sites bring. Whether it’s a day of playing in the park, a Summer Barbeque, or even Tribal Drumming classes, there’s always something fun to capture at Chestnutt’s Holiday Parks.

I have been working with David and his team for a long time across various projects, most recently our new website. We put a lot of trust in DHD as they manage, design and produce content for our social media channels, our website and offline material. They have been a fantastic help through difficult times and we’re looking forward to continuing our relationship for many years to come.

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Managing Director

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