4 lessons for 4 years in UX

Lucy Cook Avatar Lucy Cook

18th Apr 2023

With almost 4 years of experience in the UX industry, I’m sharing 4 key takeaways. 

1. Avoid assumptions.

Assumptions are easily made but they’re not factual. It’s important to recognise assumptions and clarify them with your users. Do so by putting yourself in the shoes of your target audience – experience their day, their environment, their surroundings to truly understand their needs.

2. Seek needs not wants.

Make sure to think beyond what the client is asking for in order to find the right solution. It is our job as UX practitioners to dig deep and understand the needs of the user rather than the client. If a client asks for a button? Consider what is the purpose of the button and is a button the best solution? 

3. Value feedback.

Feedback is incredibly valuable, particularly when it is negative (and hopefully constructive). Consider why they had a negative experience? How can it be improved? What could I do better next time? Allowing next time to push boundaries and achieve greater creativity or solutions. 

4. Continually learn.

Ask questions, there is no such thing as a stupid question. Find resources that help improve your processes, perhaps in the form of books, courses, mentors or events. Be curious, step away from the computer to look outside as the world offers so much to explore and learn from.

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